3 ways in which innovators can benefit from Aalbun Analytics

In a dynamic world fuelled by rapid digital and technological advancements, it has never been more important to obtain and understand innovation intelligence. Individuals or companies that embrace innovation analytics will be well placed to spot the trends that are shaping the future of innovation in their sector and thus they can stay one step ahead of their competitors.

Our latest innovation tool, Aalbun Analytics, allows IP teams, R&D teams, educational institutions and even solo innovators to build high-level views of the patent, trademark and technology landscapes of their chosen industry or technology. Here are three ways in which innovators can benefit from Aalbun Analytics.



1. Tailored Innovation Intelligence 

Drawing on an extensive database of over 100 million patents from 90 patent filing authorities, the data that sits behind your Aalbun Analytics dashboard is a rich source of innovation intelligence that is yours to apply as you choose. With a wide range of filtering options, Aalbun Analytics allows you to build innovation intelligence based on keywords, competitors, inventors, filing offices and many other useful criteria. 

With such a high level of customisation, users can build highly relevant dashboards by turning on and off the filters that matter to them. And with relevant data, users can elicit valuable insights that can be transformed into better decision making processes. 

Because when it comes to devising a successful innovation and IP strategy that slots in with your business goals, many businesses find the goalposts are constantly moving which the Harvard Business Review has alluded to

 ‘Despite massive investments of management time and money, innovation remains a frustrating pursuit in many companies.’

At Aalbun we believe that part of the problem is a lack of tools and robust data that can be accessed in one, easy-to-understand dashboard – hence why we built Aalbun Analytics. For us, having an innovation strategy that is informed by data that has been forensically analysed is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage in your sector.



2. Simple Data = Better Insights

With so much data at our fingertips, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters and providing innovators with clarity in their data that can help them map innovation in their sector is why Aalbun Analytics was built.

The tool was designed to present data in a high-level, digestible format that makes spotting trends and analysing patterns as easy as possible. By showing the data visually, it allows users to interpret complex datasets in the most natural way, which should result in better insights and conclusions being drawn. Whether that be determining correlations in relationships, trends over time, or assessing potential risks and rewards, the tool can break data down into simple, usable chunks.

With Aalbun Analytics, this visual method of presenting data is applicable across companies, technologies or even entire patent portfolios meaning users have the power to assess entire patent or technology landscapes at pace, allowing for a more efficient decision-making process.



3. Benchmark The Competition

Of course, some innovation trends are harder to spot at first glance and take more technical analysis than others. 

This is why we added a drill-down function to allow users to dive deeper into specific patents, companies or even technologies. With an extensive database behind it that is updated twice a year, the tool is an authoritative source of data that will help you stay up to date with innovation in your market. Crucially, any data you do find using the tool can be benchmarked against multiple competitors. Features built into the benchmark function give you an idea of the scale of your competitor’s levels of innovation as well as providing context of the relative strength or weakness of their patent portfolio.

For those who wish to dig even deeper, the data can then be crunched using our analytics function which can analyse entire portfolios and split them by competitor or technology class, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions when it comes to innovation.

Start building innovation intelligence and benchmarking against your competitors today by signing up for a FREE Aalbun Analytics account.

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