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Easy, fixed-price intellectual property services for busy people. Aalbun is a platform for all your IPR needs, so you can focus on your most important work.

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Aalbun has taken charge of our intellectual property in a way I have never seen with any IP firm. They have integrated with our team seamlessly and, with their support, we can now compete with confidence within each of our key markets, safe in the knowledge that our intellectual property is properly protected.”

— Albert Lam, Chairman and Group CEO at Detroit Electric

We put your innovation in the fast lane.

We provide intellectual property services globally and build virtual teams of strategically-minded attorneys and engineers, who collaborate with you to deliver your intellectual property reliably, at pace.




Our experts have the most advanced tools to conduct novelty searches, freedom-to-operate analyses, patent landscapes, invalidity searches, and more.




From provisional to full patent drafts, we can provide drafting in any technology across all jurisdictions, conducted by a team best suited for your business.




We can facilitate direct IP filings in any region, including first filings, national and international phase entries, via our global pool of IP experts.

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Protect what matters, faster.

Intellectual property is evolving. We've written a host of resources to get you started — or evolve your understanding — of the role of patents, trademarks, and IP strategy on improving your business outcomes.


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We regularly publish useful content for those in need of IPR services. Read our blog here.

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Goodbye, hourly billing.

Sick of paying someone more because they take longer than they should? Transparent processes are at our core. Our network exists to provide economies of scale, unlimited capacity and the ability to work with any technology, in most languages – all at a fixed cost.

So, how does it work?

Aalbun offers fixed-price IPR services through a secure digital platform. You'll usually go through three stages.


Submit your request

Use the Aalbun platform (previously known as WorkZone) to submit your request, documenting which kind of services you're looking for, when you need them by, and other specifications.

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Your request is evaluated and assigned

Your request is assigned to the best suited specialist in our global network of 250+ Patent Attorneys, Engineers and Agents.

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Your services are delivered

Our experts work with you to ensure your patents, drafts, trademarks and other services are quality assured and ready to add value to your business.

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Work smarter, not harder.

You’re busy as it is. That’s why we believe intellectual property services should be easy.

Get things done, together.

Innovation requires collaboration. So, why should that stop at your IP service provider? Submit your intellectual property related requests onto our secure digital platform and collaborate across borders, online. No more confusing and dispersed email threads across multiple countries – collaborate directly with your work colleagues and virtual IP team, all in one place.

Manage your IP services with speed and flexibility.

Your IP requests will be immediately allocated to IP specialists, selected from our global network of hundreds of experts. Goodbye to lengthy calls to explain your concept with people who just don’t get it – you’ll work with engineers and attorneys who understand your innovation, from the outset.

Your innovation, our inspiration.

Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. Our team of senior patent and trade mark attorneys are here to provide an additional layer of Quality Assurance, when required. Working with Aalbun means you can count on us to support your most business-critical asset – your intellectual property.

Keep it secure.

Your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. When using e-mails to communicate with your IP service providers your IP may be compromised. E-mail breaches and data governance are a significant challenge and, should your intellectual property fall into the wrong hands, it can be detrimental to your business. Don’t risk it, use a secure online solution instead.

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“We’re innovating on the intellectual property sector by combining the tradition of expertise with the newest technology.”
CEO & Co-founder, Aalbun
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