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Whether you’re an inventor or an IP specialist, our innovation platform makes it quick and easy for you to secure IP protection for your idea. We enable innovators to change the world.

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Patent Drafting Services

Whatever your industry, wherever you are, Aalbun’s platform uses patent application drafting software to help you or your team work more efficiently, more securely, while driving down costs.

Full Patent Draft

Now you have your idea ready to go, let our team do the heavy lifting and begin to draft your patent application.


Order a full patent draft

Provisional Patent Draft

Not quite ready to go to market with your idea? A provisional patent draft is perfect for those ideas in the development stage.


Order a provisional patent draft


Patent Filing Services

Our innovation platform combined with best-in-class IP experts ensure your patent is filed with speed and precision in the jurisdictions of your choice.



Direct Patent Filing

You’re well on your way to protecting your idea. Allow our experts to submit your application with your chosen patent office and secure a priority date.


 Order a Direct Patent Filing



PCT Filing

We provide global patent filing services to take your idea international. We manage all the communication and procurement with local agents and translation providers. 


 Order a PCT Filing



EP Validation

Securing patent protection across Europe can be complex and time-consuming. Aalbun’s IP experts are well equipped to validate your patent across Europe.


Order an EP Validation

More Patent Services

Novelty search

The first step to securing patent protection is to confirm whether your innovation contains a novel step. No novel step, no patent.

Our network of experts will assess all the prior art available and from there be able to offer guidance as to whether your innovation is patentable in an efficient and timely manner.

Order a Novelty Search

Invalidity Search

In reviewing prior art, we can provide a comprehensive analysis on the validity of any patent.

So, whether you are defending a patent or invalidating a competitor’s, our global network of experts can offer an informed evaluation that will give you a competitive advantage, whatever sector you operate in.

Order an Invalidity Search

Trademark services

Full Availability Search 🕵️‍♀️

Full Trademark availability search conducted in one class in either EEA, BRICS, NAFTA, All EU Member States.

Likelihood of Confusion and Analysis 🤔

An analysis that can support drafting of OAs, oppositions or be used as a basis to make a decision on whether to oppose a mark.

Trademark drafting ✍️

Drafting of a list of goods & services using harmonised or customised terms. The latter is preferred for marks which could be seen similar to existing marks.




Trademark filing 🗃

Attending to the payment of official fees and reporting first correspondence. Please note the analysis is neither a full response nor a full opposition, but a review delivered in bullet points.

Trademark filing — via Madrid protocol 🌎

Filing with WIPO (via office of origin) including attending to the payment of official fees and reporting the first correspondence (OA or Statement of Grant of Protection).

Filing in additional countries

Filing with other TM offices (AU, NZ, CA, ZA, AE and others) available upon request.
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