Monitor and take action against your competitors.

In a competitive world where ideas are our most valuable commodity, our patent opposition tool gives you the power to monitor and block your competitor's patents.

Monitor your competitors
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Three Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Be Tracking Competitor Patents
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Stay one step ahead of your competitors

We know that maintaining a view on competitor patent grants can be a time-consuming task, which is why we developed this user-friendly platform to streamline this process. When combining the monitoring service with our expertise in invalidity searches and patent oppositions, you will have the peace of mind that you’re always one step ahead of the rest.

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How it works.

The tracking and oppositions service is extremely easy to use. Simply build and save a  competitor list for monitoring and the service will build a complete list of European patents for which these companies have received an intention to grant.

You can then view the list, review all relevant information in one place and directly order an invalidity search or an opposition service to be carried out by our experienced team. 

Importantly, you’ll never miss an update as the service automatically updates you whenever a new intention to grant for companies on your competitor list becomes available.

To get started, just enter the names of your competitors and then leave the rest to us.

    A competitor monitoring tool for the masses


    Our competitor patent grant monitor was designed with simplicity at its heart, which is why you can easily build a competitor list and track all your competitors in one place. We save you time by putting the power in your hands. No more waiting for a third party to provide you with periodic reports.

    The power of a network

    Aalbun puts the power of a global IP expert network at your fingertips. Regardless of the technology area, we have the right IP specialists to carry out extensive invalidity searches and patent attorneys to conduct the full oppositions process on your behalf. We go the extra mile to deliver results.

    Fairer pricing

    We’ve taken the traditional hourly billing model favoured by our competitors and created a genuine alternative. Our invalidity search and oppositions services are delivered at a fixed price because we believe this is fairer and ultimately, more cost-efficient for you.

    What on Earth is Aalbun? See Our Story
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