State of Innovation Report • 2020

The greatest value an IP firm can bring to you is the team you’ll be dealing with on a daily basis.

That's according to one senior patent counsel in a publicly traded US retail firm, who emphasises the need for a seamless process and a firm which can assist in making strategic connections with your inventions:

“A successful IP firm needs a capable process and team behind it which is creative, analytical, strategically-minded, detail-oriented and motivated.”

At Aalbun, we're keenly aware of the challenges faced by innovation managers across most industries.

In-house teams continue to suffer resource-balancing issues, are often required to speak to multiple IP firms or providers in different markets, and find it increasingly difficult to effectively manage workloads.

If any of this sounds familiar, we've written this report to help. It's taken from a mix of telephone interviews and responses to an online survey with 92 decision-makers in intellectual property — 70% of which are in senior positions.

By downloading, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • why budgets are likely to tighten and outsourcing to become more common,
  • how IP is becoming a strategic business concern (and how to capitalise on this),
  • the NUMBER ONE challenge faced by in-house IP professionals (and why it still hasn’t been fixed)

Happy reading!


“It is my hope that this guide will help anyone involved in innovation to determine the key criteria for an IP strategy in a new and unfamiliar landscape.”
Christian Bunke
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