We make intellectual property services easy.

Our focus is on helping customers build and manage intellectual property portfolios that serve commercial objectives — all through a single platform.

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This isn't about us. It’s about you.

The intellectual property services industry is seriously behind the curve when it comes to adopting new technologies. The sector is fragmented, quality varies wildly and — whether you’re in a start-up or global enterprise — variable costs make forward-planning unnecessarily challenging. 

Meanwhile, in-house corporate IP departments continue to suffer resource-balancing issues to effectively manage their workloads, which can have a significant detrimental effect on efficiency. In-house teams are often required to speak regularly to multiple IP firms or attorneys in different markets. This is hugely time consuming, unproductive and unnecessary.


Aalbun is here to change all that.

We have removed the costly and time-consuming elements to focus purely on what matters: delivering quality, reliable work at speed, for a fixed price.

We’re shifting the service delivery model. We’re using technology to connect customers to our global network of IP experts. And, in doing so, we’re setting clear new aspirations for our customers.

In essence, Aalbun is a single pane of glass to request and service all your intellectual property.

Here’s how we're different.

One consistent enterprise experience for everybody

Put simply, in today’s digitised and globalised business landscape, you cannot afford to hire yesterday’s intellectual property firm to support your innovation strategy. Aalbun has a global network of IP experts, meaning that your intellectual property will be handled by subject area specialists who truly understand your business area and the requirements of your target jurisdictions.

Engineered and optimised to work reliably

The last thing you need is endless trails of emails across various teams, in different geographies. Instead, you need the ability to order and track your IP service requests and communicate, all within a single platform. With Aalbun, you can easily order, track and communicate. Your intellectual property is safe, transparent, measurable and accessible.

Easy to buy, use, and scale

Ordering and managing your IP services on our platform couldn’t be easier. Manage your workload, communicate with IP experts and collaborate with your team members — all in one location. You can get all your intellectual property services from one location via the Aalbun platform, putting you in the driving seat.

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