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What is Aalbun?

Aalbun is transforming the way IPR work gets done.

Aalbun offers IPR services through a secure digital platform, providing customers with easy, fixed-price services to cover all their intellectual property needs on a global scale.

Our customers are the world’s most innovative companies and some of the largest patent filers from different areas, with the smartest people tackling a range of the toughest challenges in the world.

We connect them to the knowledge they need to protect their innovation and create effective intellectual property portfolios. In other words — we connect them to you.

Think of Aalbun as a door opener. Not only do we bring exciting work to you, we offer exposure to corporates (including the top patent filers in the world) that an individual or a small boutique firm outside of the network would find much harder to access. 

We’re also a community of like-minded IP experts. We believe collaboration is essential to creating an innovative culture and our network gives you the opportunity to connect with the people who change our world.

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"The network is a highly flexible and convenient source of interesting work."

Ivan, Ph.D., European Patent Attorney


"As an independent patent attorney, the advantage of working with Aalbun is access to a reliable work stream with a transparent workflow procedure and clear expectations for all parties."

Jonathan, European Patent Attorney 

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This year, four out of five in-house IP professionals told us they'd like to see higher levels of personalisation from partner firms. 44% said that finding attorneys with the relevant experience to their industry or technology was a struggle.

That's where you come in. Aalbun was invented to connect ambitious, leading-edge patent and trademark specialists with the world’s most innovative companies and some of the largest patent filers.

If that's you, we encourage you to join the network  

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