Why we're rebranding

As we begin a new decade, the world of intellectual property is set to change once again.

The emergence of new technologies is leading us to create things we would have never thought possible just a few years ago, and the rate of technological innovation is set to increase further. Changing consumer trends are driving innovation, as are new technologies. Just think of the new possibilities that will be unlocked by blockchain, artificial intelligence and quantum computing will bring, to name just a few.

As the rate of innovation increases, companies are re-examining their creative processes. Within software development, we have seen the rise of Agile working and DevOps over the past ten years. The pressure to iterate is greater than ever. And yet, the intellectual property sector has been slow to catch up. Still, companies are dealing with multiple suppliers across different jurisdictions. Still, concepts, drawings and designs are lost in translation. Still, companies are holding discussions about their intellectual property – their most valuable asset – on unsecure email. Perhaps most concerning of all, is that there are so many companies out there, big and small, who have not built an innovation strategy to further their business objectives. The result is missed opportunity.

We spent the last three months listening to some of the most experienced IP professionals in the world. We heard about their motivations, their successes and their frustrations. What we learned on this journey has been transformational. And, as we set out to help our customers solve some of the most complex and far-reaching challenges, we want to redouble our commitment to them. We’re working to better our service offering to allow our customer to focus on their core activity – innovation.

And that requires innovating the IP services industry itself.

Why shouldn’t service providers think and communicate in a way that reflects their customers? All-too-often IP firms want to rush to convince their prospective customers that they are reliable and trustworthy. Well, any firm worth its salt should be in this sector. We want to go beyond that promise. In addition to being reliable, we strive to give our customers a sense of purpose and energise them to produce the best work they are capable of. This means harnessing our network of experts, delivering unparalleled customer service, being creative, all at pace.

Our new brand demonstrates where we want to go, what we wish to achieve, and it is our hope that it reflects the people we most want to work with – you. The new logo embodies the simplicity of our solution. The icon could embody an idea, a design, or perhaps our global network of IP professionals and engineers.


Across our branding, we have embraced playful lines to reflect the creativity we wish to inspire among our customers. Innovation comes from the heart. It is a fun and artistic process.


Picture 1


But Intellectual Property also demands detail and accuracy. The geometric shapes we have used in our branding reflect this fact – they are reminiscent of a patent design or even the masterful drawings of Leonardo DaVinci.

Picture 2

At Aalbun, we believe in the power of collaboration. With our brand refresh, we hope to inspire our colleagues and give them something to be deeply proud of. If there is one lesson we can all learn from the Covid-19 pandemic is that, if we want to overcome humanity’s biggest issues, we need to come together. We believe the future of IP service is in true partnership. From the outset, we have striven to be a true IP partner, helping our customers figure out what strategic decisions they can take based on their IP. Customer centricity remains at the heart of our brand.

Behind the new look, we are still the same company and team, dedicated to providing you the best possible services and solutions. We’re incredibly proud of the work that we do at Aalbun and are thankful for the employees, the partnerships, and clients that have accompanied us in our growth.

We owe this rebrand to all of you.

Thank you.

Niki Saukolin

Our Future of IP survey is now closed – see the results in our State of  Innovation report

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