Promoting innovation in a corporate environment

In our first Expert Discussion we touched on how large corporations face the challenge of cannibalising their successes in order to maintain an innovative culture.

For our next Expert Discussion, we decided to explore this further and we could think of no one better to explain how to do this this than Thomas Hedberg. 

Thomas is currently a Director at Konsert Strategy & IP. Previously he has worked for some of the most innovative blue chip companies in the world, helping them implement and maintain innovation strategies. He was Interim Director for Patents at Volvo and Vice President of Global IPR at Sony Mobile to name just a couple.

This discussion covers everything from the challenges large corporations face through to solutions, examples and the role digitalisation has to play in all of this.

Above is a short clip from the discussion. To download the full version, fill in the form.

        Happy watching!

“Thomas has the first-hand experience of driving innovation at some of the world's largest companies. His track record speaks for itself.”
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