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Build high-level views of the patent, trademark and technology landscapes in your industry using Aalbun's technology landscaping tool.

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Map technologies and build innovation intelligence

With innovation more important than ever and technologies evolving at a rapid pace, staying up to date with where innovation in your market is heading is essential.

The pace of change has left traditional landscaping methods outdated. This is why we built Aalbun Analytics.

Aalbun Analytics is an extensive patent, trademark and technology database that is powered by software that makes it easy to build custom dashboards that map innovation in your areas of interest.

You can chart trends over time, drill down into technology classes and benchmark data against your competitors. 

Never miss a beat again when it comes to innovation in your sector.

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Building innovation intelligence has never been so easy

Flexible filtering

With a wide range of filtering options, the tool allows you to build innovation intelligence based on keywords, competitors, inventors, filing office and many other useful criteria. With such a high level of customisation, users can build highly relevant dashboards at the click of a button.

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One simple view

With so much data at our fingertips, it can be easy to lose sight of what matters. Not with Aalbun Analytics. The tool was designed to present the most relevant data first and in a high-level, easy-to-understand way that allows you to spot trends and changes in the market quickly.

Dig deeper

Of course, some innovation trends are harder to spot and take more technical analysis than others. This is why we added a drill-down function to allow you to dive deeper into specific patents, trademarks, companies or even technologies. With an extensive database behind it, the tool has the power to enhance your innovation strategy.


How it works

Aalbun Analytics was built to deliver high-level, customisable views of the technology and patent trends in your landscape.

With a wide range of filtering options, the tool allows you to build dashboards based on keywords, competitors, inventors, filing offices and many other useful criteria. 

Any relevant data is then presented to you in an easy-to-view dashboard that highlights any trends or notable patterns, allowing you to get to grips with the macro-trends shaping innovation in your chosen technology or industry.

For those who wish to dig deeper, the data can then be crunched using our analytics function which can analyse entire portfolios and split them by competitor or technology class, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions when it comes to innovation.

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