White Paper: Semiconductors – Innovation & Intellectual Property | 2021

The end of Moore's Law?


Aalbun explores the threats to innovation and intellectual property rights the semiconductor industry faces.

In this white paper, Aalbun explores the key themes and trends that will determine the future of innovation and intellectual property in the semiconductor space, including:

  • Tensions between the U.S. and China
  • Supply chain threats
  • The role of Taiwan
  • The slow death of innovation
  • A distorted semiconductor market
  • The rising cost of semiconductor R&D
  • Semiconductor intellectual property rights
  • Semiconductor intellectual property theft
"Such innovation will result in an exponentially increasing rate of IP generation as a function of time. Never hitherto in the semiconductor industry has establishing IPR and licensing been so important."
Dr Tim Norris
European Patent Attorney and IP Strategist for Fortune 500 Company
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