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Do you understand the true value of IP to your business?

IP is one of the key assets for SME’s and Start-Ups however it is often either overlooked due to high costs or a general lack of awareness in terms of its importance to the business. In practice IP can protect the export, import, sales, marketing and manufacturing of a product or service globally.

At Aalbun we work with many Start-Ups and SME’s by providing instant access to global IP experts, advice and services via our IP request tool, WorkZone.

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Do you feel the cost of protecting your IP is out of reach?

As budgets are often very limited Aalbun will design a dedicated fixed-fee pricing mechanism based around short and long-term business goals. This unique pricing mechanism not only brings IP protection well within the reach of most budgets it will also provide predictability going forward.

The below highlights the key variables for an IP budget for start-ups and SME’s:

N = Number of inventions (IPR strategy needed to figure out what makes sense and how much is a good number)

M = Number of key territories (market entry plan/business plan is the key)

Therefore the amount of investment needed for protection:

I = N x M x c wherein the c is €5-15k depending on the territory.

If your business value is higher by sufficient multiplier it makes sense to protect.

Find out more about WorkZone or to sign up.

Find out more about our full range of services.

Software tools for Start-Ups and SMEs

WorkZone – the tool for managing IP

  • Available services in WorkZone include patent and trade mark drafting, filing and analytics work.
  • WorkZone enables SMEs and Start-Ups to access core IP services which help to scale up delivery capability and resource the most critical projects
  • Each Start-Up or SME using WorkZone can get instant access to the global IP experts who can provide advice and guidance on each IP request

AIP – the IP management software

  • With AIP management system, you can easily manage all the IP needs of your company and customers’ IP portfolios
  • The AIP system provides you with an intuitive dashboard so that you can be in control of cases wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • AIP is the IP Management system for docketing deadlines, automatic reminders, client status tracking and much more.
WorkZone Want to find out more? Get in touch with us at or call +44 (0) 1223 654700.
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