Corporate access to Aalbun’s services

Does your IP team often suffer from overload work?

The IP industry is struggling to adopt new technologies and global networks. Many in-house corporate IP departments often suffer load balancing issues where the need for immediate additional capacity (often for emergency/overflow work) can have a significant detrimental effect on the efficiency of the department. This is often hard to overcome due to:
  • Complex in-house processes
  • A fragmented industry with variable costs
  • Limited resources and expertise
  • Time consuming, slow and costly recruitment drives
The Aalbun network exists to alleviate these issues by providing in-house teams with immediate access to global IP experts via our WorkZone platform.

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Does patent administration distract your team from the core value of inventing and innovating?

WorkZone allows large corporate teams to get on with the business of creating and protecting innovation and ultimately adding value to the company. WorkZone also allows in-house teams to budget more efficiently due to fixed fee pricing and the ability to archive and report on each request.

We often build virtual dedicated IP teams to ensure consistency; a high level of quality; and familiarisation as well as ensuring pro-active relationship management. WorkZone allows teams to access; request; collaborate and manage every aspect of IP provision at fixed prices often at a third of the cost of global rates.

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Find out more about our full range of services.

Software tools for Corporates

WorkZone – the tool for managing the work

  • Available services in WorkZone include patent and trade mark drafting, filing and analytics work
  • WorkZone enables Corporates to access core IP services which help to scale up delivery capability and resource the most critical projects
  • Each corporate client using WorkZone can get access to the global Aalbun network of other attorney firms using the platform

AIP – the IP management software

  • With AIP management system, you can easily manage all the IP needs of your company and IP portfolios
  • The AIP system provides you with an intuitive dashboard so that you can be in control of cases wherever you are, whenever you want
  • AIP is the IP Management system for docketing deadlines, automatic reminders, case status tracking and much more
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