Flexible, Anywhere, Anytime

AIP is an easy to use, cost effective IP Management System for docketing deadlines, automatic reminders, client status tracking and much more.

Using AIP you can make sure that you secure the right protection & real value for your ideas & inventions. AIP is used by patent and trade mark attorneys, IP Firms, Law Firms, Universities, companies’ in-house IP functions and innovation consultants as a hosted service.

AIP can hold and manage an unlimited number of cases and the easy to use architecture allows it to be used for both small and large IP portfolios. AIP is a self-service interface and it can also be supported by Aalbun’s paralegal service to manage your docketing, deadlines and reminders for you.

AIP Hosted Option

AIP Hosted- We take care of the hosting of the platform. You get easy access anytime from anywhere. Pricing is on a per case per month basis.

AIP Hosted with Docketing

Do you need help with docketing? Then go for AIP with Docketing option. Pricing is on a per case per month basis.

Full Option

AIP available for Aalbun Members only, has it all. In addition to AIP Management you get also Docketing and access to a pool of patent experts globally via our unique WorkZone platform.

AIP – The Case Management System optimised for your needs.

With AIP you can easily manage all the IP needs of your company and customers’ IP portfolios. The system provides you with an intuitive dashboard so that you can be in control of cases wherever you are, whenever you want.

Comprehensive and Customisable

  • Managing IP families and related documents and communications for patents, trade marks, designs and more
  • Managing deadlines and setting up reminders to keep you informed of upcoming events requiring your attention
  • Providing you with tools to manage your client contacts

Secure Yet Accessible

  • AIP is accessed via secure HTTPS interface
  • Security levels can be set based on the roles of the users
  • Data export features allow easy access to IP portfolios

Proven for Peace of Mind

  • AIP is proven by extensive usage providing you with peace of mind
  • Our network of experts and clients are managing thousands of cases with AIP
  • The system logs all entries to enable tracking for all due care purposes
AIP For more information about our IP solutions, please contact us at or or sign up now. For general information or contractor enquiries, please get in touch with us at or call +44 (0) 1223 654700.
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